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Leaders in Thermoplastic Hose Innovation & Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food & beverage companies have standardized on Aflex Hose patented products as the best designed and most reliable choice for process fluid transfer in their manufacturing plants.

TR1: Superior Rubber Compounds – Tigerflex™ uses specially engineered compounds which provide the ideal combination of excellent abrasion resistance, light weight, flexibility, static dissipation and superior long-lasting durability.

Tiger Green: Tigerflex™ uses only the best available EPDM compounds, which provide the ideal combination of light-weight, flexibility, urability and chemical resistance.

Our tests show up to 22% more flexible than the competition, specially in sub-zero weather!

Available in Green, Red or Blue.

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Kuritec Kuri-Tec K-Tough

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Kuritec Kuriyama Kuri-Tec Catalog

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Kuritec Metal-Hose-To-Go

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Kuritec Piranha Hose

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Kuritec Tiger HiTemp THT Series

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Kuritec TigerFlex Biofuel Friendly

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Kuritec Tigerflex Thermoplastic Industrial Hoses

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Kuritec TigerFlex TR1 Series

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Kuritec TigerFlex Voltbuster

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Aflex Case Study Pharmaceutical Hose

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